Ambrosia Harvest is a central HUB for adaptogenic supplements with a focus on Functional Mushrooms.

At Ambrosia Harvest, we are committed to helping change the way people think about their general health and wellness.

The Ambrosia Harvest line of mushroom supplement products stands as a pinnacle of excellence, unwavering in potency. Employing industry leading quality control and safety measures from spore to the final step in product production, we ensure an unparalleled standard. Our commitment is to unveil the medicinal advantages of adaptogenic mushrooms globally. What sets us apart is the unwavering adherence to a process and ingredient selection substantiated by rigorous scientific validation.
Our Products are not like others... they actually provide substantial wellness benefits.

this is why…

Unparalleled Medicinal Potency:

At Ambrosia Harvest, we take pride in delivering products that stand apart in their commitment to your well-being. Unlike others, our offerings are densely packed with a higher volume of medicinal ingredients, relative to other products on the market. Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure a concentrated infusion of therapeutic elements, providing you with a potent and effective solution for your wellness journey.

Advanced Extraction for Optimal Bio-Availability:

Our dedication to your health goes beyond the ordinary. Ambrosia Harvest employs a refined approach to ingredient extraction through dual extraction, ultra-sonification, and precise timing. This sophisticated process ensures that our products not only contain a rich array of bioactive compounds but also boast an elevated level of "bio-available" material. This commitment translates into a higher degree of efficacy, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of benefits from our thoughtfully crafted formulations.

Comprehensive Quality Control:

Quality is the cornerstone of Ambrosia Harvest, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring it throughout our production journey. From the meticulous spore inoculation in our state-of-the-art lab to the hands-on cultivation in our own farm, and through every step of the extraction process in our cutting-edge production facility, our products undergo rigorous quality control measures. Any sourced ingredients are subjected to intense scrutiny and 3rd-party testing, meeting our elevated standards such as USDA Organic certification and sustainability credentials. This holistic commitment guarantees that every Ambrosia Harvest product is a testament to excellence, providing you with a wellness solution you can trust.

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