Co-Owner, Lead Mycologist & Research Development

Isaiah Chavez

Isaiah Chavez, with a background in environmental engineering and extensive knowledge of mushrooms, herbs, and adaptogens, is a living testament to the transformative power of nature. Overcoming personal adversity, he has dedicated himself to sharing the healing potential of these natural resources. Through his expertise and personal journey, Isaiah guides others on transformative paths towards holistic well-being.
Co-Owner, CEO & Operations

Sara Del Cuore

Sara's passion for ingenuity and problem solving, paired with a background in urban Aquaponic Agriculture since 2012, has created a decade-long pursuit toward changing the status quo for how food is accessed in cities plagued by food deserts. Ambrosia Harvest is part of a larger initiative to change the way food is grown, consumed, and accessed, along with Guerrilla Farms Ltd. - both subsidiaries of Queen City Companies. Sara's love and commitment for this industry has created an exciting and broad avenue to enact lasting change in today's food landscape.
Co-Owner, CFO & Business Development

Anthony Gengaro

Anthony's entrepreneurial spirit and well-established background as a small business owner in Denver, CO is evidence of a deep commitment to community and a solution-based approach to some of today's most pressing issues. Co-founding Ambrosia Harvest was a logical step to help establish an honest wellness supplement to help address general health decline across all ages in the United States. Years spent leading local non-profits and heading some of Denver's best landscape, architectural and design firms, Anthony brings an invaluable knowledge base and passion to Ambrosia Harvest with a truly unique perspective.