Co-Founder, CEO & Operations Director

Sara Del Cuore

Sara's passion for ingenuity and problem solving, paired with a background in urban Agriculture since 2012, has created a decade-long pursuit toward changing how food is accessed in cities plagued by food deserts. Ambrosia Harvest is part of a larger initiative to change the way food is grown, consumed, and accessed, along with Guerrilla Farms Ltd. - both subsidiaries of Queen City Companies. Sara's love and commitment for this industry has created an exciting and broad avenue to enact lasting change in today's food landscape.
Co-Founder, CFO & Business Development

Anthony Gengaro

Anthony's entrepreneurial spirit and background as a small business owner in Denver, CO is evidence of a deep commitment to community and a solution-based approach to some of today's most pressing issues. Co-founding Ambrosia Harvest was a logical step to help establish an honest wellness supplement to help address general health decline across all ages in the United States. Years spent leading local non-profits and heading some of Denver's best landscape, architectural and design firms, Anthony brings an invaluable knowledge base and passion to Ambrosia Harvest with a truly unique perspective.