Conscious Business Practices:

Continuous Carbon Footprint Reduction

Ambrosia Harvest is unwavering in its pursuit of minimizing our carbon footprint. Through regular audits and process improvements, we strive to implement innovative measures that reduce our environmental impact at every stage of production.

Our eco-conscious business practices form the foundation of our commitment to sustainability. From composting and recycling to locally sourcing raw materials and utilizing energy-efficient production methods, we actively seek ways to minimize our environmental footprint.
COntrolled Environmental Agriculture:

Growing to Improve Environmental Heath

We prioritize the health of our consumers and the environment by refusing the use of pesticides in our cultivation processes. Our commitment to natural farming practices ensures that our products are pure, untainted by harmful chemicals, and safe for consumption.

In our mushroom cultivation, we utilize USDA certified organic grain spawn. This locally sourced blend comprises non-GMO organic materials, ensuring the highest quality and environmentally friendly mushroom production.

Ambrosia Harvest is proud to adopt compostable grow bags in our mushroom cultivation, a step towards reducing our reliance on single-use plastics. By embracing sustainable alternatives, we contribute to a healthier planet and a cleaner future.
Corporate Stewardship :

Traceable Supply Chains & Giving

Transparency is at the core of our operations. Ambrosia Harvest maintains a fully traceable and audited supply chain, ensuring that our consumers can trust the sustainability of our products from source to shelf.

We are honored to participate in the 1% for the Planet program, contributing 1% of our sales to environmental initiatives. By doing so, we actively support organizations working towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.